Prophetic art is a work of art which reveals the Father's heart, His thoughts and intent, prophecies, strategies and timetable. It comes with form, line, texture, colors, symbols to enter through the human eyes and senses to lodge like an arrow into the hearts and spirit of men. 

    "Prophetic art is God giving us a now word. He is communicating now. He is sending a visual "speech" which must be responded to now. Thus it comes with a sense of immediacy and urgency and timing. Usually it comes in through the eyes and hits the heart. Tears rush to the eyes; spirit is awakened to the voice of the Bridegroom. When the art piece is seen by those whom God has been preparing to receive that word, this is their typical response, "Yes, Lord.  I hear Your voice.  I feel Your heart."  --excerpt from What is Prophetic Art? by Jean Shen

    At Freedom Fellowship we practice prophetic art on a weekly basis during the worship service.  When the Holy Spirit reveals a vision to an artist on the prophetic team, that artist recreates the vision in art during the worship service.  If you are interested in seeing some of these art pieces or participating on the prophetic arts team, click on the Facebook link below to check out the Freedom Fellowship Prophetic Art Page.  You can also email Brenda with any questions.