Are you ready for an exciting Bible-centered challenge that combines the power of memorization and a thrilling competition? This unique challenge focuses on deepening your knowledge and understanding of one specific Bible book through memorization and friendly competition.
In this challenge, teams will gather individuals who possess a knack for memorizing and retaining information. The goal is to select team members who are dedicated to immersing themselves in the chosen Bible book and committing its verses and teachings to memory. 
Each team will be assigned the same Bible book to focus on. The challenge spans the whole summer, providing ample time to memorize the book thoroughly. Participants will delve into the words, chapters, and verses, allowing them to internalize the teachings and messages of the book.
In September, teams will face off in an exciting competition that will test their comprehension, recall, and understanding of the memorized Bible book. Be prepared for thought-provoking questions that delve into the book’s themes, teachings, and memorable passages.
Join us on this incredible journey of immersing yourself in a Bible book, committing its words to memory, and engaging in a friendly and rewarding quiz competition. This challenge is perfect for individuals who appreciate the power of memorization and seek to explore the depths of a specific Bible book.

Team Sign Up

Gather your team of skilled memorizers, and complete this form to sign your team up, and embark on the memorization journey!

Competition Day: Sunday, 09/10/2023 at 5:00 PM