Strength and Joy

Pastor Tim Escamilla

"Splendor and majesty are before him;
    strength and joy are in his place" (1 Chronicles 16:27, ESV).

This passage was in my morning reading. Immediately after reading it, I highlighted it and marked it so I'd remember to prayerfully write something encouraging for you. Take some time and think about the verse above.

For a while, I have been constantly reminding you I am in awe of the Lord and who He is. I believe, if you're reading this, that you're in awe of Him, too. This passage is all about His awe. I like to picture splendor and majesty going before the Lord anywhere He makes Himself known, or present; anywhere He manifests His presence. The picture I get is like that of a flower girl, spreading flowers on the floor to make sure wherever the bride steps, there are flower petals before her.

In the same way, I picture splendor and majesty being spread before Him! When we call on the Lord, when we praise and worship Him, when we come to Him in prayer, or when we gather in His name, I believe we spread splendor and majesty before Him as we invite Him into our midst. Truly, He is everywhere. But when we call on Him, by offering splendor and majesty, we welcome Him in a way He deserves.

You've almost made it through the week. Maybe you're needing strength, maybe you're needing joy; maybe you're needing both! I know I am. What we need to do is to simply BE with Him. Be in His place. Spend time with Him in intimacy. This could be in your car, your pantry, your garage or your closet. Whenever you and I are with Him, in His place, strength and joy are there. In His presence are strength and joy! Simply being in His presence fills us with strength and joy. As He fills you with strength and joy, thank Him in His splendor and majesty!

No matter what you are facing this week and no matter what you have faced; no matter how you are feeling right now, I pray you are filled with His strength and joy! I pray it in Jesus' name! If you feel led, please put your hand on your heart, and pray, "Lord, in Your splendor and majesty, please fill my heart with strength and joy. Amen!"

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