Global Orphan Relief (GO!) was established in July of 2005 out of obedience to what God would have the Nordstrom family do, not based on any previous ministry experience, nor on any desire ‘to do something good’, but simply following when He prompted the family to GO!.

On May 4th, 2005, the Nordstrom family was blessed with the birth of Faith Anastasia Nordstrom, but for some unknown reason, they were only blessed with Faith’s natural presence for 14 days. Faith was faced with a myriad of medical issues during her short little life, but what she did for family, friends, and even for people outside the Nordstrom family’s sphere of influence was incredible. In fact, her gift to us was nothing short of supernatural. Faith reminded us that “above all else love”. It was through this experience that Global Orphan Relief was born.

Global Orphan Relief (GO!) was established to somehow serve the needs of orphans; where they are now, assisting them as they may unite with adopting families, and building awareness about their need. GO!’s first mission to serve Orphans was the Nordstrom family venturing forth to serve orphans in Juarez, Mexico, during Christmas 2005.


The Testas are a crazy-for-Jesus, worshiping, mountain climbing, church planting family serving Italians, Europeans and anyone else God brings along in Turin, Italy.

Anthony & Nicole believe that God wants to call everyone "Into the Wilderness" to meet with Him and to experience His infinite love!

They have helped to found two churches in Italy and are now involved in a house church planting network. They also founded and oversee the Into the Wilderness program, designed to bring people into experiential encounters with the Creator in the wilderness through camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting, trekking, and other mountain adventures.


Whitnee is currently interning with Freedom Fellowship over the Summer of 2023! has a deep love for the Lord and a heart for the nations to see and turn their lives to Him. She dreams of taking Him all over the world, using prayer ministry to empower the Church, and using dance, counseling, and business to empower people coming out of human trafficking.

Currently, she is involved in campus ministry at Bethany Global University in Bloomington, MN, a school specifically designed to prepare people to go overseas to share the Gospel. In August 2023, she plans on returning to her degree with them to study Transformational Entrepreneurship and Bible & Theology. She’s also involved in helping to start an international school for children coming out of human trafficking around the world.