An observation from Pastor Tim on John 6:60-69 and Sunday's message

Good afternoon! If you didn't listen to Sunday's message, I encourage you to do so when you can! You can watch on our website, church app, or go to our Apple Podcast or Spotify podcast streams.

As I was meditating a bit more on this passage, something else occurred to me that I wish I would've been able to share on Sunday! Since I don't have a time machine, unfortunately, I want to share it with you here. Another mark of immaturity is an unwillingness to work on something that might hurt in the process. People acting out of immaturity instead of love, will always choose to remove themselves from situations, relationships, workplaces, etc., RATHER than doing the hard work of reconciliation, understanding, and wisdom.

It's almost as if they "broke up" with Jesus before anything happened that could hurt their feelings. Rather than be told they needed to die to themselves, they chose to live in their immaturity and move on. It's almost like a "you can't fire me, I quit" situation. Unfortunately, they actually hurt others in trying to avoid being hurt themselves.

But here's the rub: Jesus had no intention of "breaking up" with them. He had no intention of "firing" them. In fact, He was inviting them into deeper intimacy with Him! He was inviting them onto maturity. But maturity is a tough process. Rather than letting Jesus chip away all the things in their lives that didn't please Him, things that would hurt, they chose to walk away. They weren't mature enough to deal with the aftermath of what had come.

At first, this may seem like a negative post. But I assure you, it's not! It's an encouragement to, though it will hurt, continue to move into intimacy with Christ! Keep getting closer to Him. Keep laying down your life to follow Him! He is worth it; He will ALWAYS be worth it! Remember that you and I are the clay in His hands. He shapes us as He sees fit. And this is for His glory and for our best!

Pray with me:
"Heavenly Father, help me to have the strength to move forward in relationship with You. Help me to stick by You, even when it gets tough. Help me to follow You even when my heart hurts! Jesus, help me to never avoid You. Help me to accept Your words for my life. And help me to move forward in maturity. Help me to be able to say, 'I am mature in Christ' each day. May these words be true! Amen!"

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