Cling to Him

By Pastor Tim Escamilla

I've been meditating on Scriptures and passages that have to do with our new sermon series; it's called "Not Worried?!" By the grace of God, I have been experiencing these truths, and I want for each of us to experience freedom from worry! This is gonna be one of the most robust, impactful, life-changing, and life-giving sermon series we've had so far!

I had some thoughts that I wanted to share from yesterday's message (please listen to it or watch it if you haven't yet). One of them is when we get over the challenge of worry, we're able to finish the mission God has for us. I mentioned being sad at hearing some recent news, and not wanting to (in my flesh) write a reflection for the 21-Day Dedication we just had. I had to write an entire week's worth of reflections including that Monday night.

I made a conscious decision to not worry about my hurt or my future. Thanks to Gary for saying and reminding me of this, "We don't trust in men, we trust in the Lord!" So that's what I did. And the Lord ministered to me even more each day as I wrote those reflections. He built me up. He strengthened me. Not because of what He was saying over our situation, but because He was WITH ME.

You might think He's napping when it comes to the storms you're facing; but you don't have to worry. NOT because of what He can say over your storms, BUT because He's with you, period. He might not seem be speaking to your valley of the shadow of death, but you don't have to fear or worry about it; NOT because of what He might say to that valley but because HE'S WITH YOU!

Don't ever forget that He is our provision, our portion. It's because He's with us that we don't have to worry about our future! Cling to Him in the valley, cling to Him on the mountaintop! Cling to Him in defeat (or what seems like it), and cling to Him in victory!  

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